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Wednesday, November 14 - 8pm, 3030Trivia, 10pm Fishook


3030Trivia - It's On!

Last week @3030Trivia was a blast, and despite bringing out a celebrity guest ringer for the bar team, the staff at 3030 were still unsuccessful in their quest for glory.  As a result, we've fired all of your favourite bar-tenders and servers, and hired only U of T grad students in various disciplines to create a 'Dream Team'.  Those always work out.

So come on down to 3030, for some great trivia hosted by Leila and Anthony, and you could win some very refreshing and frosty prizes.

Fishook Residency

After trivia (or if trivia isn't your thing then just show up at 10), we've got killer funk/soul/reggae band Fishook back for their second week of the Junction Craft Brewing residency.  Also, a big congrats to lead singer Jesse, who got himself all up and engaged yesterday.  Well done sir!

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