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What's On Tap This Week? (November 20 - 25)

So First the Bad News

  The poster above was not lying, we'll be closed this Saturday evening as we are hosting a wedding.  Congrats to Ralph & Jennifer!  Because of the wedding preparations, we won't be able to do brunch this weekend, and know that in the near future we won't pull this on you fine people again.  However, we've got a lot of cool stuff going on for the rest of the week, so read on good friend!

The Bar

  We've got a ton of great beers coming in every day, including this limited time seasonal from the good people at Mill St. Brewing.  The 'Doppel Pils' is a Czech style Pilsner, and the word 'Doppel' is German for 'double', as it's got pretty much double of everything you would usually expect from a Pilsner.  Double malt, hops and most importantly alcool!  Using German and Czech hops, it weaves a big flavour between smooth maltiness and dry floral hoppiness.  So run, don't walk down to 3030 and try a pint of this before it's all gone.

The Kitchen

  All kinds of good things are getting done in the Kitchen under the watchful eye of Chef Adisa Glasgow.  Here's our current menu, in case you were wondering what we've got going on this week.

The Programming

  Another really full, and awesome week of programming is coming up.  We've got Analog Tuesday, where you can bring your own vinyls, play some board games or pinball, do a bit of knitting and get your old-fashioned type on.

  On Wednesday, it's 3030Triva, with the third week of the Fishook residency.  I know this is last week's post, but not much has really changed, and the web guy is getting lazy apparently.

  Thursday, it's the 'merican Thanksgivin' Dinner and a Movie edition.

  Friday, we've got a heck of an awesome show for you guys, with Run With The Kittens, releasing their CD with a whole slew of awesome friends.  Doors are starting a bit earlier, at 8pm, but this should be one of the best nights we've put on in our very short existence, so definitely check it out.

  As mentioned above, we are closed to the public on Saturday, so unfortunately there's no programming on this evening.

  Let's all have a great week, and to everyone who has been coming out, well this song is for you...

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