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September 18 - September 23 - What's On Tap This Week @3030DundasWest?

It's been another fun week that we just got through.  Terra Hazelton and her trio played a great jazzy set on Saturday Night, and Friday the house was rocked by hip-hop bands the Vibonics and Zoo Legacy rocked the house on Friday.  Selina Martin and Young Running put together a great night of music on Wednesday, and DJ OH16 was boo'd off the stage during his DJ set (if you were there, it wasn't a bad thing).

The Bar.

The crew behind the bar is getting excited about plans to have a pumpkin beer-off (likely the first of it's kind in Toronto) in the near future, but in the mean-time, we plan on bringing in two new cool craft beers later this week or weekend.  Stop in towards the end of the week to try 'The Grains of Wrath' from Church Key Brewing, as well as the 'Double Dead Elephant' from Railway City Brewing.  Stay tuned as well, for more information regarding our Junction Temperance Restoration Society.

The Kitchen.

Things have gotten hot in the kitchen.  Very, very hot.  I'm not talking about the food.

Tigerbeat Worthy.

Our Chef Adisa was featured in The Grid's 'Tasty Dish' feature of the most eligible chef's in the city, and if you want to know more about how you can get to meet this master of meat (no really, he cures his own meat), you can give this article a read here.  He's pretty much here all week madames, so please don't crowd our open kitchen all at once.

The Programming

If you want to know what we've got going on for the next couple of month's you can always check out our calendar.

On Tuesday, we've got our ongoing and successful Analog Tuesday's with a special 'Radio Project X' performance this week.  Wednesday give's us both 3030Trivia as well as the Young Running residency afterwards, brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing.

We're still working on our Thursday programming, and there's a few more details to sort out before we're able to share it with you fine folks, but let's just say that it's connected to a newly installed, film-theatre worthy projector that you'll notice hanging from the ceiling.

Friday, we've got something really special.  I've already gone somewhat hyperbolic about how good I think Silver Creek is live, so please, just take my word for it and come out to check out the show.

Saturday, there's going to be more great music than you know what to do with coming to the Junction, in the form of the Junction Music Festival.  We'll be out catching all this great music, but at 10pm, as the festival is winding down, we've got Jet Set Motel playing at 10pm, and best of all, it's a free show.

Well that pretty much does it for the round-up for this week.  Enjoy the last week of official summer, and we hope to see you at 3030.

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