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What's On Tap This Week (September 25 - 30) @3030DundasWest

Well we're still recovering from an amazing weekend.  Thanks so much to all the good folks who came out on Friday and Saturday nights, it was a special feeling in the air, or maybe just fall.  I'm not sure.

Silver Creek rolled on into 3030 on Friday Night, thanks to Beau's All Natural Brewing, bringing the sounds of the 613 to the 416 for a heck of a show.  But don't take my word for it, here's a review from the gig that night.

On Saturday, the Junction Music Festival rocked the neighborhood, and we had a packed house for the night, and it was great to see an awesome songwriter (Dave Picco) and his band Jet Set Motel get to play to a great crowd.  The Toronto Star, ran a nice piece about local cats Young Running and the festival in general, who just might be playing here this Wednesday (hint, hint).

Finally, the Bloor West Town Crier, also put a nice little feature about us on the front of their web page.

Pinball Wizard, and our man Jeff lookin' sharp in the paper.

The Kitchen

While your faithful web updater and usually useful guy spent the better part of yesterday trying to errect a cinema screen in the back, the chef in black, Adisa Glasgow came in on his day off to make butternut squash gnochi.  I can personally vouch that each gnochi is made by hand, that a lot of time and care goes into making it, and after having a quick sample, it's freakin' delicious.  We've got some great features on our menu this week, and vegetarians rejoice, because we've got at least two veg options for both the small $5 plates, as well as the mains.

The Bar

Your guys (and gals) behind the bar are stoked to bring on some new great beers this week.  Expect to see at least one, two and maybe three pumpkin beers hitting the taps this week, just in time for fall.  Further to this, on Friday, September 28 the Junction Temperance Society shall be convening once again, this time to taste and discuss Whiskey.  The good people from Auchentoshan are coming in, and there is a free mixology book in it for you if you show up!

This great book could be yours, if you come out on Friday at 8pm. For reals.

The Programming

Last but not least, we've got another great week of fun things to do and listen to at 3030.  And what's that you might ask?

Well we've got Analog Tuesdays for starters.  Come on down and get your pinball, board game or typewritting fix in, while enjoying some great food and beer.

Wednesdays, at 8pm we have 3030Trivia, which is getting better and better followed by the last night of the Young Running residency at 10pm.  It's becoming a really good night, so if you've been curious, you should check it out, and send the good lads of Young Running off in style.

Thursdays, well we are still working on them, but it's going to be good when it kicks off, but we don't have anything on this week.  Soon, we promise we'll have news about this night.

On Friday, we've got Funk, Soul and Reggae band Fishook doing a couple of sets, with DJ OH16 spinning some soul afterwards, and guess what there's no cover!

Saturday, the Key Frames are having their album release here, with the incomporable Jerry Leger opening for them with his Trio.

And speaking of Jerry Leger, I was just enjoying his great vinyl 'Travelling Grey' while I put this post together, so I'll leave you fine people with a video from that album.

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