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Wednesday, March 26th - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing - $Free!

Some Questions From Last Week

Question #1 - Which North American professional sports team finally made the playoffs in 2013 after not recording a winning season since 1992?

Question #2 - Dying of leukemia in 1955 at the age of 12, Sadako Sasaki became an innocent symbol of war and became famous when she folded 644 origami versions of what kind of bird, believing that if she folded 1,000 she would be granted eternal good luck?

Questin #3 - [Cryptic clues] What European capital city was founded around 1000 AD, destroyed by fire in 1624, rebuilt and renamed Christiana after King Christian IV, but then restored its original name in 1925? You can find this city in Czechoslovakia.

Recap From Last Week

The back room at 3030 was packed by 7.50pm last Wednesday (see picture). Thirty teams rocked up to answer sixty trivia questions. Oh, how we laughed at the savage fury of giraffes, a favourite pet James Bond villain, Blofeld. (The real answer was piranhas.)

A new team turned up and beat all comers. Congrats to Peddle to the Medal, who amassed a very impressive score of 55 points. Nice work, newbies! Impressive performance. Second place went to last week's winners, Plate 0 Bacon 6 and a team called Moby Dick Pics Or It Didn't Happen (great team, guys!) who both finished on 54 points -- just one point behind. Other teams finishing high up we perennial high finishers, Aahoo! Aardwolves of London (53 points), Oscar Quiztorius Blade Gunner (50 points), All the Jingle Ladies (50), Burning Sensations (50), Missed Connections (50), and Let's Get Quizical (50). Excellent work, everyone. The questions aren't easy, so nice work all round.

Individual Glory saw a three way tie. We asked how long it would take you to fall to the centre of the earth, if someone had been so kind as to dig a hole that deep for you. The correct answer was 42 minutes. Douglas, Terri, and Jason all put 42 minutes! Incredible. In a three-way tie breaker, we asked for Stephen Hawking's birthdate. The correct answer was January 8, 1942... and Douglas got closest. Nice work, sir! In Heads and Tails, it came down to Tristan and Linda; Tristan won, but in what only be described as the nicest act ever witnessed at 3030trivia, he gave his frosty beverage prize to Linda, because it was her birthday! Lovely stuff!!

3030trivia takes place every Wednesday at 3030. The questions start at 8pm, but seats fill up quickly. If you like tables and chairs, we kindly suggest getting there a touch earlier than 8. There are prizes to be won... and it is free to play! Free??! Yes, free to play. Amazing!

Here are your answers to the questions above: (1) Pittsburgh Pirates. (2) Crane. (3) Oslo (the word Oslo is contained in the word Czechoslovakia.)


What's on Tap This Week @3030DundasWest (March 19th - March 23rd)

That was a heck of a night we just had!

Catl Rockin' So Hard That Drumsticks Were Flying

  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the awesome Saturday that was just had at 3030.  For those of you who were there, I hope that you enjoyed the show as much as we did, and for those of you who weren't, keep your eyes peeled to the calendar for all the other great stuff we've got going on.  A huge thanks to Junction Craft Brewing, Exclaim! and The Laquer Channel for making this night a possibility, and an equally big thanks to Catl, Beams and Young Running for the incredible sets.  But most of all, thanks to all of you who came out, and had a blast with us.  We made the Junction proud on Saturday.

The Programming This Week

We've got a full slate of great stuff going on at 3030 this week.  Let's check out all the cool stuff going on at 3030 this week.

Wednesday, March 19th - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft

Bring a team of four out to our really popular Trivia Night.  Exceptional hosts, and great prizes courtesy of Junction Craft Brewing await.  For more details check out this link.

Thursday, March 20th - 9pm - Bard From The Club w. DJ Yana Runa - $5 in the back

  Not only is it our Kitchen Battle in the front, but in the back, we've got a great Reggae band and DJ to keep the island mood going.  Hit up this link for even more details about the show.

Friday, March 21st - 9pm - #TruckerFridays w. The Honey Runners & The Almighty Rhombus plus DJ Nova - $Free! (Thanks to Stonehammer Brewing)

  It's another killer free show this Friday, with the return of #TruckerFridays.  Two absolutely killer bands, a great all-vinyl DJ all at a price that can't be beat.  Head on over to this link for even more details.

Saturday, March 22nd - 10pm - Attention Defficit Disorder w. DJ General Eclectic - $Free!

  We've got one of the city's best DJ's in the room, playing an eclectic selection of wax all night to keep you dancing.  If you haven't heard DJ General Eclectic spin at one of his routinely sold out nights downtown (Uma Nota & Shindig!) be sure to check him out.

Sunday, March 23rd - 7pm - Party Worth Crashing - The Songs of Kerrigan & Lowdermilk $12/$15 in the back.

  Fans of new musical theatre should mark this date on their calendars, as an ensemble cast teams up to perform the songs of Kerrigan & Lowdermilk.  Head to this link for more details and online ticketing.






Wednesday, March 19th - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing - $Free!


Gave away the answer to question #1, but the video has to be seen.

Some Questions From Last Week

Question #1 - Which company adopted a famous rhyming slogan in the late 1960s, but briefly used a different slogan “We Got the Fever” in a very cheesy 1980s advertisement featuring a young Brad Pitt? The product in question is perhaps the world’s best selling hyperbolic paraboloid.

Question #2 - What person, who passed away in 2009, made waves in the 70’s when she appeared on a poster that broke sales records when it sold more than 20 million copies?

Question #3 - On this day, March 12, 1918, which city regained its status as a world capital city after 215 years? The city is question is currently the second largest by population in Europe, and the city it replaced as capital is currently the fourth largest by population in Europe.

Last Week's Recap!

A nail biter at 3030 last Wednesday. We had a tie after the 60 questions were done. Dr. Pangloss (aka Jingle Ladies), after dominating the first half with a perfect score of 30, ended up tying Plate 0 Bacon 6 with a score of 56 points. We went into tie breaker mode. We asked how many episodes of 'I Love Lucy" were made. The correct answer was 181; Plate 0 Bacon 6 got closest with their (excellent) guess of 178. Congrats to Louise and her team of knowledge baconeers!

Lots and lots of high scores -- once again -- last week. The Rom-Com-munists finished 3rd with 55 points, while the top ten was rounded out by Alice Munro's Hos (54 points), Aahoo! Aardwolves of London (53), Time is a Flat Quiz (52), Plateau Bacon (52), Easy on the Ears (52), and Missed Connections (51). Good work all!

Miguel de Cervantes won the individual glory round. We asked how many confirmed moons Jupiter has. The correct answer was 67; Miguel put 66. Good work, Mike! Heads and tails was another close-fought contest. Congrats to Laurence who won out in the end.

We'll be back next Wednesday -- as indeed we are every Wednesday -- for more questions, answers, heads, tails, individual glory, team glory, and delicious Junction Craft Beer.The questions start at 8, but you need to be a wee bit earlier if you like tables and chairs.

Here are the answers: (1) Pringles (2) Farrah Fawcett (3) Moscow


What's on Tap @3030DundasWest? (March 12th - March 15th)

A Ton of Great Stuff This Week - Including the 'Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO'

  For someone who has to creatively convince you folks to come and check out the shows that I put on at 3030 each week, let's be honest, it's sometimes tough to ratchet up the hype machine every week and tell you with a straight face that you 'have to see this show'.

  This is a show that you genuinely have to see.  It's one of the strongest line-ups I've put together in the two years that I've been putting on shows.  I can't thank Junction Craft Brewing, Exclaim! and The Laquer Channel for helping to make these nights a possibility.  This is a special thing that we're bringing to the Junction, and it's a great opportunity to see and hear some of the best independent music in the city, and best of all it's free.

  Here's a great video that we shot a few weeks ago with the good dudes form Exclaim! - dig this great Young Running track.

All Kinds of Other Great Programming

  We've got a stellar week of programming, from Burlesque to Trivia and Rockabilly to Roots, it's a good week to visit the Junction (then again, it's always a good choice to visit our hood).

Wednesday - 8pm - @3030Trivia

  Our intrepid hosts Anthony & Kirk return as always to our humble venue to deliver the second most valuable commodity you can find in 3030 (our bartenders provide the first).  Knowledge.  This Wednesday, 8pm, @3030Trivia.  It's a hoot.

Thursday - 8pm - Burlesque - "A Platinum Production Presents: The Producers"

Your favourite Burlesque crew is back with a brand new production.  Check out all the juicy, tantalizing details here.

Friday - 9pm - Mill St. Brewing Presents a Rock-A-Billy Shake Up! - $Free!

  It's been a while, but Rock-A-Billy is back in the Junction, with the Rockhouse T.O. crew bringing you a great free show thanks to Mill St. Brewing.  For all the details, hit up this link.

Saturday - 9pm - 'The Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO'

  I've pitched this gig hard enough above, but I'll likely have another video to post here in the next day or so, so come back to the site regularly for a great slice of Beams.  Check out the event page for even more details.



Thursday, April 10th - 7pm - Xolisa: A Beautiful Moment Concert - $5


What's on Tap This Week @3030DundasWest (March 5 - March 9th)

Thursday, March 5th - Do you like incredible food & hip hop?

This Thursday, we've got a doozy for you.  Welcome to Competitive Arts.  Incorporating our incredible Kitchen Battle, along with a b-boy & beat box battle, this evening is dedicated to the spirit of competitive creativity found within hip hop.  Our pals at the Universal B-Boy League are putting on a break-dancing & beat box competition.  Check out what they do, and remember this is Free! No Cover! Seriously.

To make the night even more awesome, we've got Juno Award Winning Relic, Toronto's very own Philly MovesAllan Rayman and Johnny Active due to Sidewalk Chalk not being able to come in to judge the Kitchen Battle (thanks Immigration Canada!).

We've got a lot of other great stuff going on as well

Just because we lead with the super sweet Thursday programming this week, doesn't mean that there isn't all sorts of other great things going on at 3030 this week.  Let's check out what's in store for you.

Wednesday, March 5th - 8pm - @3030Trivia

Just because it happens every week, doesn't make it any less popular, so remember to come early to make sure that you and your team get a table, and bring your thirst, for knowledge and also the occasional pint of Junction Craft Beer.

To find out more about this week's Trivia, along with a re-cap from last week, head over to this link.

Thursday March 6th - 7pm - #KitchenBattle, B-Boy Battle, Beat Box Battle, Philly Moves, Allan Rayman - $Free!

It's actually pretty hard to believe than event this cool doesn't cost anything to get into.  There's something that should appeal to everyone, and for more information, click here.

Friday, March 7th - 9pm - Kensington Brewery Presents: Stacey Y, Astro Droids and DJ Splattermonkey - $Free!

  Two phenomenal and funky bands, and a DJ who is from another planet.  Best of all, it's a free gig so you've got no reason not to come out and lay down the boogie.

Saturday, March 8th - 10pm - Steamwhistle Presents: Open Mind w. DJ Corey Dawkins - $Free!

  Mr. Shonuff himself, Corey Dawkins returns to 3030 as part of his monthly residency bringing you some of the best Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap and more which is sure to open your mind.

Sunday, March 9th - 5pm - Big Daddy's Presents: A Free Screening of Rattatouille

  Check out this beloved animated classic which should appeal to members of the whole family, and guess what?  We've got Rattatouille on the menu as well.  Preview it here!


Saturday, March 22nd - 10pm - Attention Deficit Disorder w. DJ General Eclectic - $Free!

Attention Deficit Disorder with DJ General Eclectic

Leave your baggage at the door, bring your dancing shoes and an open mind.  It's going to be eclectic.

Bio via Small World Music

DJ General Eclectic is a catalyst. He not only initiated the idea behind Uma Nota and created its slogan “unity in rhythm on decks and drums,” he also developed the idea of equal stage time for DJs and live acts. Complementing his masterful DJ skills is his strength as a designer who promotes shows and spreads the word of his eccentric mix.

General Eclectic, or Jason Saunders as some like to call him, is as good as his name – a truly eclectic selector. He maintains an enormous vinyl collection and has the encyclopaedic music knowledge to match it. On paper, cuts he selects might not appear to make sense together, but the ambiance he creates melds them into a context in which they do … they tell a story. He threads together rare descarga grooves, classic ska, Fela Kuti Afrobeat, unique James Brown jams … even the odd Nina Simone reverberates through a set – a party to remember!

General Eclectic’s key residencies have been with regular Uma Nota and Footprints events. Other event series include Freedom Time, Spin Cycle at the We’ave, Red Beet Lounge Sundays @ Fressen and Atomic Shuffle. He also was an integral part of the weekend brunch happenings at XXX Diner on Queen. Currently, you can hear him at Shindig classic vinyl nights.


James Brown & his Funky Family Mix by Dj General Eclectic on Mixcloud


Saturday, March 29th - 9pm - McAuslan St. Ambroise Presents...Kyprios, Canvas, Animal Nation & Stage - $Free!

McAuslan St. Ambroise Presents - Kyprios, Canvas, Animal Nation & Stage - $Free!

First of all, a big thanks to McAuslan St. Ambroise, Quebec's foremost micro-brewery since 1989 for helping us bring some of the best musical talent to the Junction.  Getting to put on free shows of this caliber is a real treat, and it wouldn't be possible without them.  So, as you're enjoying a great show, don't hesitate to raise a glass from la belle province.

Kyprios (Vancouver)

Coming all the way to the Junction, via beautiful British Columbia, Kyprios, former front-man of Sweatshop Union is on the road promoting his latest album that just dropped.  Here's a track off his latest video.


The classic definition of the term MC is one that has the ability to grip a mic and control the crowd, and Kyprios has more than earned this title. He is a commanding presence on stage – able to hold the crowd in silent rapture as he drops an introspective piece that draws heavily from spoken word, only to suddenly flip it and incite a sea of thrusting hands with a rapid fire set of punchline-laden lyrical flows. Able to deliver a seamless blend of rapping, singing and harmonizing, the North Vancouver, BC native’s larynx is a potent stash of varied lyrical weapons.

Canvas (Toronto)

It's been said, “this world is but a canvas to our imagination”. Those words were taken to heart by award-winning songwriter and producer Chris Graham, as he set up in his home studio to write and record what would be the debut album for Toronto indie-rock band, CANVAS. After his former band went their separate ways last spring, Graham immediately got to work writing over twenty songs in a matter of a couple of weeks. Working alone for the first time in years, he took the opportunity to record himself playing all the instruments on the new tracks, tracks that would become an integral part of his entrance back into the music scene, and experimentation with new sounds.


Animal Nation (Whistler)


For more cool stuff on Animal Nation, head over to this link.

Stage (Vernon)


To find out more about Stage, head on down to this link.


Wednesday, March 5th - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing - $Free!

It's probably been a decade since I heard this song.  I'm sure that the video with the volume on mute will appeal to certain demographics.  Unfortunately it was not on mute for me.

Some Questions From Last Week

1 - Which television series was initially conceived when Mark Wahlberg’s assistant asked if he could film Wahlberg and his friends, calling them “hilarious”?

2 - In which Spanish speaking country will you find the largest capital city by population in the Southern Hemisphere?

3 - Who am I? I was first introduced in a 1937 book, and though I appear to be a man, I am actually an angelic being called a Maia. Nerds might know that my many aliases include the names Greyhame, Stormcrow, and Mithrandir, though laymen know me as a magical character that appeared in a 2013 film with what seven-letter name?

Last Week's Re-Cap

High scores last week at 3030trivia. Lots and lots of high scores. That's what we (sometimes) like to see. Two teams tied at the top with an incredible 58 points out of 60. First half leaders Alice Munro's Hos and All the Jingle Ladies getting only two questions wrong all night. The tie-breaker that settled it: On what date was Paul Rudd born? All the Jingle Ladies got closest with their guess of March 19, 1969. Only a few weeks off! Good work guys!

Congrats also to Aahoo! Aardwolves of London (54 points), The Mystic Kittens (54), Plate Zero Bacon Six (54), The Pythons (53), Lean Quizine (51), Warms Tears (50), and Missed Connections (50) who all scored at least 50 points last week. Nice work guys!

In the Heads and Tails competition, everyone's favourite former 3030trivia co-host Leila won! She was so happy. Individual Glory saw a two way tie with Alix F and Alerta both getting within one millisecond of the correct answer to the question: How many milliseconds separated first and eighth in the men's downhill skiing at Sochi? Both Alix and Alerta put 521 milliseconds (correct answer, 520). This brought us to an individual glory tiebreak. Alix F won, guessing the closest date to the first YouTube upload (correct answer, April 23, 2005). Happy birthday to Alerta!! (So close!) Congrats to all!

We're back every Wednesday. The trivia starts at 8pm, but tables fill up quickly, so we advise getting there a bit early. We'll be back with more questions and coin tosses this week.

Here are the answers to the questions above: (1) Entourage. (2) Argentina. (3) Gandalf.


Thursday, March 20th - 9pm - Bard From the Club w. DJ Yana Runa - $5 (in the back)

Bard From the Club w. DJ Yana Runa

Bard From The Club is a seven piece band based out of Toronto specializing in lover's rock/rock steady music, covering some of the biggest names in reggae. Created in the summer of 2012 the band is already starting to make a name for themselves with their tight vocal harmonies, burning horns, and a groove that will make you want to get up and dance.