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Wednesday, March 12th - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing - $Free!

Jerry Puts Randy in his Place - Give-Away to Question #1 but worth it

Some Questions From Last Week

(1) What number -- a multiple of the number 5 -- worn by Jerry Rice and has been retired by the San Francisco 49ers?

(2) On March 5, 1616, a book called On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres -- the seminal work of heliocentric theory -- was placed on the Index of Forbidden Books by the Catholic Church. Which man wrote this book? He had been dead for 73 years, so it didn’t really bother him that much.

(3) Bob Gunton’s character in The Shawshank Redemption might be able to tell you that the number 68 bus leaves from which TTC subway station located on the Bloor Danforth line between Kennedy and Victoria Park?

The Re-Cap From Last Week

Bumper crowds are the norm on Wednesdays at 3030. The back room is packed full of trivia teams testing their knowledge against each other. And there are prizes to be won all night at 3030trivia thanks to Junction Craft Brewing. Come check it out!

Last Wednesday -- March 5 -- saw a close battle with the Frakkin' Cylons coming out on top with a whopping 57 points. Great work from Graham, Colin, et al. Congrats guys! Alice Munro's Hos finished a close second on 55 points. Well done. Third place went to Shizzle My Quizzle (52 points), while Aardwolves of London (51 points), Your Tan Pales in Comparison (51… welcome back, Anne!), The Perry Sites (51), All the Jingle Ladies (48), The Pythons (47), The Old Man and the . . . (47), The Shia Labouef Fan Club (47), and Battlestar Scholastica (45) rounded out the top 12 teams. Good work everyone!

The individual glory round was closely fought. We went into tie-breaker mode after both Conor G and Danielle answered $72 million for the US gross box office receipts of Ferris Bueller's Day Off (correct answer $70,136,369). Danielle won out by getting closest to the birthdate of the main star in the highest grossing movie of 1986. That movie was Top Gun; that star was Tom Cruise; that birthdate was July 3, 1963. Conor put Jan 1965; Danielle put March 1962. Won it by *that* much. Well done, Danielle! In the toss off, Liam from Snoop Quizzle went tails in the final round, while John went heads. And tails it was. Congrats Liam!

3030trivia is every Wednesday. Come along, bring your friends. There are prizes and laughs and learning and stuff like that.

The questions start at 8pm, but the tables fill up earlier than that.

Here are the answers to the questions above: (1) 80. (2) Nicolaus Copernicus. (3) Warden.


Monday, March 17th - St. Patricks Day - We're Doing Something


What's On Tap @3030DundasWest? (February 26th - March 1st)

Something cool to check out!

One of the sweetest parts of this job, is getting to work with an obscene number of incredibly talented people.  About a month ago, the very cool francais folks at TVO came in and show this great video with Kashka.  Treat yourself (and your ears) and give it a listen.  We're hoping that she'll be back sometime in the spring, as part of one of our Big Free Shows in the #JunctionTO, but for the time being, enjoy...

The Programming

Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching Canada take home the gold here bright and early on Sunday.  We're all trying to catch up on our sleep this week, so there's only a few big things going down this week, but we think you're going to really like them.

Wednesday - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing

On Wednesday, it's our incredibly popular @3030Trivia, where you and three of your smartest friends can win awesome, refreshing prizes courtesy of Junction Craft Brewing.  Make sure you get here before 8pm, so you can get a table.

Friday - 10pm - Those Elite Guilty Pleasures

DJ Whats Her Problem! digs deep into her crate of 80's vinyl goodness, get your vogue on the dance floor, and while your at it - peep this amazing poster.

Saturday - 9pm - Amsterdam Brewing & OH16 Soul Presents...The Intentions!

How often do you get to see an 11 piece soul band roll into the Junction? Well once a month actually, but if you weren't able to get in last month, make sure you come early to hear one of the best soul bands that Toronto has to offer, with your favourite DJ OH16 spinning great soul records before, in between and after the band.  Hit this link for even more details.


And for those of you who don't give a something or other about hockey.  This song is for you.



What's on Tap @3030DundasWest? (Feb 19th - Feb 23rd)

A Big Thanks for being part of the Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO

Well that was a whole lot of fun this past weekend.  Samantha Martin & Her Roots 'n' Roll Revue came into 3030, and pretty much blew everyone within ear-shot away.  What an awesome show.  Big thanks to Exclaim!, Junction Craft Brewing & The Laquer Channel for making this happen.

We've got a ton of great stuff going on at 3030 this week, so let's get to all the fun stuff we've got on the schedule.  Hope to see you here, and there might even be a hockey screening on Sunday.  Stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled to our twitter account.

Wednesday February 19th - @3030Trivia Returns!

That's right folks, our super popular @3030Trivia is back, starting at 8pm, it's free and make sure you come early to get a table for you and three of your smartest friends.

Thursday February 20th - #KitchenBattle

These nights are freakin' awesome.  See what the 3030 kitchen has come up with this week, as they all compete to come up with the tastiest dish.  Spoiler Alert - your taste buds are the real winners.

Friday February 21st - 9pm - Trucker Fridays w. Coronado, Air Marshal Landing + DJ's Nova & Whats Her Problem - $Free!

  One of our favourite DJ's is having himself a birthday, and we've got two great bands in Coronado and Air Marshal Landing plus the incomparable DJ What's Her Problem? (from our Elite Guilty Pleasures series).  Bang this link to check out all of the goodness.

Saturday, February 22nd - 9pm - Beau's presents Bodice Album Release w. Union Duke + DJ Matt H - $Free!

  While clearly our graphic designer had a thing for slat sunglasses when he was doing the posters, it's hard not to put something on to cover your eyes, when you see how awesome this line-up is.  Make sure you get here early to catch the awesome Union Duke, and I'm pretty confident that you'll be blown away by Bodice.  Check out this link for all the good details.

Sunday, February 23rd - 5pm - Big Daddy's DVD Shop Presents 'Cool Runnings'

  The Olympics will be wrapping up, and what better way to celebrate what will hopefully be golds for both of our hockey teams than watching this great, family friendly film about Jamaica's entry into Bobsled during the Calgary Olympics.  More details right here.


Friday, March 7th - 9pm - Stacey Y, The Astro Droids w. Splattermonkey Ya'll - $Free!

Kensington Brewery Presents Stacey Y & The Astro Droids w. DJ Splattermonkey

Thanks to the good folks (especially Kyle - you're an awesome rep!) at Kensington Brewery, we're bringing you an awesome night of independent, funky and free music.

Stacey Y

"Stacey Y is a new talent growing by leaps and bounds. Whereas she was always a great keyboard player, the growth in her compositional and singing ability is astounding. Look out for these new recordings." - Ian Terry (Juno-award winning producer)

A blend of r&b, rock, neo-soul, and pop music, Stacey Y creates tunes that are strikingly captivating. With a touch of the likes of Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, and Nora Jones, the music forms a solid unified groove with soulful vocals. The Stacey Y Band moves their listeners with songs full of surprises.

The Astro Droids

Sometimes the best writing doesn't come close to describing how cool something is.  If you want a little taste, give this video a watch and listen.


Splattermonkey Y'all

One of the founding members of Shindig! recently chosen as one of Toronto's best dance parties, you probably won't hear that much 50's & 60's R&B on this night, but it's certainly going to get funky with your favourite splattermonkey.


Sunday, March 9th - 5pm - Ratatouille - brought to you by Big Daddy's DVD Shop - $Free!

Big Daddy's DVD Shop Presents: Rattatouille (Free Screening)

A rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great French chef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a decidedly rodent-phobic profession. When fate places Remy in the sewers of Paris, he finds himself ideally situated beneath a restaurant made famous by his culinary hero, Auguste Gusteau. Despite the apparent dangers of being an unlikely - and certainly unwanted - visitor in the kitchen of a fine French restaurant, Remy's passion for cooking soon sets into motion a hilarious and exciting rat race that turns the culinary world of Paris upside down.



Saturday, March 8th - Steamwhistle Brewing Presents: Open Mind w. DJ Corey Dawkins - $Free!

Open Mind with DJ Corey Dawkins

On the second Saturday of each month, 3030 is proud to host one of the best DJ's in the city.  The depth and breadth of Corey Dawkins music collection is truly impressive, and we wanted to put together an evening that showcases all the interesting tunes he has.

There's no cover, and Corey will be hitting the decks at 10pm.

To find out more about Corey, check out these interviews with CBC and NOW.


Thursday, March 27th, 6pm - Now Who's Crazy Now? - $30 (in the back)

Get Your Online Tickets Through This Link or by Clicking on the Photo.

Now Who’s Crazy Now?

In the fast-paced, one-woman play Now Who’s Crazy Now? actress and recovery specialist Elly Litvak candidly brings her personal experience of living with and recovering from a serious “mental illness” to the stage. Now Who’s Crazy Now? is a humorous, entertaining and highly educational piece with a message of hope for recovery for everyone.

Family Outreach and Response

All proceeds from this special presentation of Now Who’s Crazy Now? directly benefit the Family Outreach and Response Program (FOR). FOR is a not for profit program that supports and educates families and friends of those struggling with mental health issues. FOR believes that there is hope for recovery for everyone and that families and friends play an important role in this recovery. For more information visit

To Purchase Tickets Online - Click Here.


Friday, February 28th - Those Elite Guilty Pleasures w. DJ What's Her Problem - $Free!

The Return of Those Elite Guilty Pleasures

3030 once again presents DJ WhatsHerProblem?! spinning some of the best vinyl you're gonna hear in the Junction or anywhere west of Halifax, really.

Come out and dive into some of your own guilty pleasures, be it Madonna, an extra order of popcorn chicken, a delicious ale, Madonna, some competitive pinball, or maybe some Madonna...

Best of all, it's Free, no cover so indulge...


Saturday, March 1st - 9pm - OH16 Soul Presents...The Intentions! brought to you by Amsterdam Brewing - $Free!

OH16 Soul Presents...

On the first Saturday of every month, DJ OH16 hits the decks, spinning an all vinyl set of some of the best soul (both new and old) that is sure to get the dance floor up and bumpin.  Thanks to the good folks at Amsterdam Brewery, we're able to make this a free show, and pints of Amsterdam very reasonably priced.  It's party music, but it's also smart music, where you can expect to hear some vintage Sam & DaveTemptationsAl GreenMarvin Gaye and James Brown, along with slightly more rare tracks from cats like King Floyd and Kool & Together.  You can also expect to hear some newer wax getting spun by folks like Sharon JonesMenahan St. Band and Black Joe Lewis.  Bring your dancing shoes, and expect a killer night of some of the best soul music you'll ever hear.  But wait, there's more...

The Intentions

There is a difference between good and great music. You know the difference because you’ve felt it. You’ve seen great performers and been thankful for that once in a lifetime opportunity. You’ve listened to their albums and observed how the rest of your busy life, for a moment, seems to go on hold. And you’ve hit the dance floor running, gathering your friends, making sure that you’re all in the same place to celebrate that song—and that moment--together.

We know the difference too. That’s because The Intentions were made to be great.

While many bands play Motown and Soul hits as part of their repertoire, not all choose to make this music their identity. They choose breadth over depth, good over great.

Enter The Intentions.

The Intentions were built to perform with the same energy, urgency, and passion as their icons: Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, and so many more. Their 11-piece band was assembled to achieve the driving sound that characterized Hitsville USA and Stax nearly fifty years ago. And they were formed with sincerity and dedication to create memories and melodies that would last a lifetime.

Today, The Intentions have become a true double threat. Not only are they continuing to wow audiences with their dynamic and inspired private performances, they have now also set out with their own original music. Inspired by the soul revival championed by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, and Amy Winehouse, The Intentions have utilized the vintage analog recording techniques of the 60’s to record their debut album, scheduled for release this summer.

With one foot planted deeply in the roots of the past, and the other stretching forward into the future, The Intentions continue to do what they set out to do from the start: make great music.