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Wednesday, February 26th - 8pm - @3030Trivia Brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing - $Free!

Some Questions From Last Week

(1) Sharing its name with a spirit, what two-word term is defined as follows in the dictionary: noun - the personal impression of a goldsmith or silversmith that is struck on the completed pieces?

(2) What is the only movie featuring Tom Cruise to have won the Academy Award for Best Picture?

(3) On February 19, 1674, Charles II of England signed the Treaty of Westminster with the Netherlands ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War. This treaty saw Run Island in what is now Indonesia officially transferred from the English to the Dutch in exchange for which island, 23 square miles of land, that now has a population of 1.6 million?

The Round Up From Last Week

Last Wednesday saw another thirty teams rock on up to 3030trivia with thanks to Junction Craft Brewing. After a perfect first half, the Trivia Bastards walked away with first prize finishing up with an impressive 58 points. Congrats lads. Second place went to the Frakkin' Cylons on 54. Third place was All the Single Ladies aka the Nibletteers on 52. Other high scorers included Tip Your Waitress, Plop Plop Quiz Quiz, Da Da Putin Da Da, Fetchez la Vache, Rains of Casterbeer, Army of Bacon, Quizard of Oz, Hollogram, and Broads with Brats and Beers.

Dave Hustler (great name!) took the prize for individual glory, correctly guessing that Charles Lindbergh took 33 hrs and 30 mins to fly from New York to Paris in May 1927. Dave beat out his fellow Plop Plop Quiz Quiz teammates who all finished within half hour of the correct answer. Congrats guys. The heads and tails competition was close fought, but congrats to the best dressed man in the room for winning out with a tail when others said heads.

We're back next Wednesday, February 26, with more questions, answers, and Junction Craft. Come along! It's free to play. Tell your friends!

Here are the answers to the questions above: (1) Maker's Mark (2) Rain Man (3) Manhattan


What's On Tap @3030DundasWest? (February 11 - February 16)

The Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO! - Saturday February 15th

The week is upon us, and while I'm often looking forward to the next weekend's batches of shows, this particular week is something extra special.

3030 was able to team up with Junction Craft Brewing & Exclaim! to bring you a series of shows that we are going to be entitleling 'The Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO'.  Our inaugural edition will be kicked off by Samantha Martin's Roots 'n Roll Review with special guests Sinners Choir.  It's fitting as Sam was actually the first headliner to play a show at 3030.

  To find out even even more about the show, send your browser to this link, but if you want to hear a quick little pre-view check out this awesome video that we shot a few weeks ago at 3030.

A Ton of Other Really Cool Programming

  Maybe you're having a Valentine's Day Hangover (we hope we're responsible for this by the way as our Valentines show is great), or you've got other stuff to do on Saturday.  That's cool, as we have an exceptionally full week of programming for you this week.  Let's check it out...

On Tuesday, it's Paint Nite at 7pm, find out all the details right here.

Then on Wednesday, it's the return of @3030Trivia, popular as ever so make sure you get here before 8pm to get a table.

On Thursday, there's a fundraiser in the back to 'Turn Up The Heat On Cancer'.

On Friday, we've got an awesome band called 'The McFlies' coming in for a very special Valentines Day concert.

Then on Saturday, it is the above mentioned 'Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO' brought to you by Exclaim! & Junction Craft Brewing featuring Samantha Martin & Sinners Choir.

And, if you thought we forgot about Sunday, well we didn't.  Come on out for 5pm, to see a free screening of Disney's Beauty & The Beast.

The Kitchen

Our new menus are in full swing, including an incredible winter mains menu.  Check out what Chef Adisa Glasgow has going on in his Kitchen.

The Bar

We're super stoked (in both the North American and also Russian sense of the word), to have an extensive Junction Craft Brewing tap take-over this weekend.  One of our favourite breweries, a great neighbour and a very supportive business to work with, they also just happen to make great beer.  What else is there to say?  We love 'em!


Thursday, March 13th - 8pm - 'The Producers' A Platinum Production Burlesque Event - $10 (In The Back)

The Producers

A Platinum Production introduces a new series showcasing the minds (and bodies) behind some of the best burlesque and variety in Toronto.

Featuring: The blondes of Platinum; Johnny B Goode, Belle Jumelles and St Stella

Two Dames Productions: Dee Dee Starr and Ava Noir

The bombshell behind her self-titled productions and The Toronto School of Burlesque - Red Herring

And, introducing Regina Dentata Stick around to mingle, schmooze and kick up your heels at the post-show dance party!


Wednesday, February 19th - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing - $Free!

This video is awesome and relates to question #3

Some Questions From Last Week

(1) What is the name of the duo who hit back-to-back home runs off the California Angels on September 14, 1990, making them the first father-son combination to do so?

(2) On February 12, 1947, which French fashion designer launched his "New Look", a refreshing antidote to the austerity of wartime, and helped Paris regain its position as capital of the fashion world?

(3) What two cards would you have in your hand in Texas Hold 'Em if you have a "Flat Tire"?

The Roundup

Another thirty teams at 3030 for 3030trivia last Wednesday. It was a trivia of two halves: the first half saw high scores, the second half saw most scores plummet. A team going by the name "The Russian Judges" came out victorious with 54 points (what's Russian for "Congratulations"?), ahead of Joey Triviani on 52, and three teams (All the Jingle Ladies, The Frakkin' Cylons, and Takin' Care of Quizness) all on 49. A good time was had by all and Junction Craft ensured that a delicious time was had by all too.

A chap by the name of Michael correctly knew which way the loonie would spin in the Heads and Tails game and Aliya A. (happy birthday, Aliya!) took the Individual Glory prize by getting closest to the pin, guessing 18.40m for the World Record in mens triple jump (the correct answer is 18.29m).

We'll be back next Wednesday, as indeed we are every Wednesday. The questions start at 8pm, but the best tables go quickly, so best to get there early. There are prizes to be won and it is free to play! FREE! Cheers

Here's the answers to the questions above: (1) Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr (2) Christian Dior (3) Jack and 4 (Flat Tire is the answer to the question: What's a jack for?)


Friday, March 14th - 9pm - Mill Street Brewing Presents: A Rock-A-Billy Shake Up! w. Tennessee Voodoo Coupe & The Hi-Tones + DJ Rockin' Dave Faris - $Free!

It's a Rock-A-Billy Shake-up! - Sweet 16th Edition

We've got lighting in a bottle, and it strikes on Friday, March 14th at the 3030! The Rock-A-Billy Shake-Up is back for its first charged-up edition of 2014, with a double-header of live action, plus a top DJ spinning ace rockin' cuts throughout the evening. Sparks are sure to fly as Toronto's hillbilly jive combo Tennessee Voodoo Coupe hits the big stage for its first local show of the year. Joining the mayhem is London's own rockabilly swing crew The Hi-Tones, ready to get the crowd movin' and shakin' with its high energy live show. Also on the bill, DJ Rockin' Dave Faris puts the turntables through the paces with some red hot wax to keep the dancefloor jumpin'! Thrill to the twang of the electric guitar, slapback rhythms on the doghouse bass, unhinged vocal antics, and the restless rockabilly beat at the "Sweet 16th" installment of the Rock-A-Billy Shake-Up, one night only at the Junction's top destination, the 3030 (3030 Dundas St. West, naturally). And thanks to the venue and our sponsor, Mill St. Brewery, this is a free show! There's no cover charge, so you'll have some extra pocket change to sharpen your skills on the club's cool vintage pinball machines, dig?

Returning headliners Tennessee Voodoo Coupe launch the 2014 Rock-A-Billy Shake-Up series with a bang, primed to rock it up in its usual high-spirited fashion. TVC had a very eventful 2013, with the release of its debut full-length album, Over the Moon, recorded with veteran Canadian producer Peter J. Moore (Cowboy Junkies/Neil Young/Neko Case), and a busy live schedule through the year. The group unveiled the album with a celebratory appearance at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, and also performed at festivals including Montreal's annual Red Hot & Blue Rockabilly Weekend (alongside Wild Records R&B sensation Gizzelle), and Toronto's East End Rockabilly Weekend #5 (sharing the bill with '50s Sun Records artist Rayburn Anthony). TVC's 4-piece road crew are well-versed in traditional rockabilly, hillbilly, and swing-flavoured sounds, spiked with a punk rock energy. Jump shouter Big Rude Jake is at the wheel, with Steve Good on the doghouse bass, guest picker Johnny Gallagher providing the sizzling leads, and standup drummer Don Dekouchay completing the crew. These restless cats each provide a crucial piece of musical hardware to give TVC its own unique spin.

Opening the show with a high-powered jolt of rockabilly swing are London, Ontario's The Hi-Tones. The group have built a reputation as a rock-solid live act, performing on stages across Southern Ontario since 2010, and make a return visit to Toronto for the first time in 4 years to play the Rock-A-Billy Shake-Up bill. The Hi-Tones are Dana Hartman (vocals, guitar), Cole G. Benjamin (vocals, saxophone), Stephen Heighington (slap bass), and Paul Wickerson (guitar, vocals), and the group have developed a strong repertoire, including original material and drawing inspiration from artists such as Janis Martin, Wanda Jackson, Brian Setzer, and Tarantino film soundtracks. The Hi-Tones studio singles, “Rocco Perri” and “Long Gone Daddy”, have received strong play on college radio, and the group are gearing up to record a full-length original album in 2014.

DJ Rockin' Dave Faris will be spinning frantic rockabilly and unruly rock 'n' roll cuts to set the stage for the main event. DJ Rockin' Dave Faris launched the Rock-A-Billy Shake-up! series in 2010, and is also the resident DJ at the East End Rockabilly Riot events, as well as a regular guest host on CIUT 89.5 FM. Expect some floor stompin' rockabilly boogie and hillbilly rock 'til the doors are locked! For more information, contact: or visit:


Friday, February 7th - 9 pm - OH16 Soul Presents - La-Nai & The Free People

OH16 Soul Presents...

On the first friday of every month, DJ OH16 hits the decks, spinning an all vinyl set of some of the best soul (both new and old) that is sure to get the dance floor up and bumpin.  Thanks to the good folks at Amsterdam Brewery, we're able to make this a free show, and pints of Amsterdam very reasonably priced.  It's party music, but it's also smart music, where you can expect to hear some vintage Sam & DaveTemptationsAl GreenMarvin Gaye and James Brown, along with slightly more rare tracks from cats like King Floyd and Kool & Together.  You can also expect to hear some newer wax getting spun by folks like Sharon JonesMenahan St. Band and Black Joe Lewis.  Bring your dancing shoes, and expect a killer night of some of the best soul music you'll ever hear.  But wait...

La-Nai Gabriel & The Free People

One of the best all vinyl DJ's in the city, is a cat who goes by the moniker DJ Splattermonkey.  He's got a great ear, and a few months back, I got a text from him that said 'Book La-Nai Gabriel & The Free People'.  After giving them a listen, I couldn't argue with that sentiment, and I think you'll be glad that I didn't.

Give them a quick listen, or better yet, come on out to see them.  I think you'll be glad you did.


Wednesday, February 12th - 8pm - @3030Trivia brought to you by Junction Craft Brewing - $Free!

Some Questions From Last Week

(1) Translating to English as “crayfish party” a kräftskiva is a tradition of cooking crayfish with dill that originated in which country, which gave the Maple Leafs their all-time leading goal scorer and a musical group who has sold over 380 million singles worldwide?

(2) On the cover of the 1941 first issue of this comic book, which title hero punches Adolf Hitler in the jaw?

(3) Academy Award nominated actress, Amy Adams, was born 39 years ago in which European country of 61 million people -- one of the original six in the European Union -- that has a national anthem with a chorus that translates as “We are ready to die!”?

Last Weeks Round-Up And Looking Forward to the next @3030Trivia

The snow and the cold couldn't keep the teams away!... We were back on Wednesday for 3030trivia -- as, indeed, we are every Wednesday -- for another spectacular night of questions, answers, heads, tails, glory, and warm fuzzy feelings.

Rains of Casterbeer won out yesterday, bringing home the bacon with an impressive 52 points. Congrats lads! Nice work... They finished just ahead of Quiz Cross Will Make You Jump, Jump on 50. A few teams close behind in the high 40s (inc. Fishtail Gentleman's Club, All the Jingle Ladies a.k.a. the Nibletteers, Missed Connections, Lilongwe Away, etc.) Congrats to all.

In the Individual Glory round, Paul M. got closest to the final closing number of Wednesday's Dow Jones (15,440) when he put 14,983. Congrats Paul. We're sponsored by Junction Craft. It's yum! Yummy yum yum! The combination of trivia and a Junction Craft ale can't be beat!

Try it this Wednesday at 8pm. Teams of four... you can win prizes... and the best part? It's FREE to play!

Here are some answers from above: (1) Sweden; (2) Captain America; (3) Italy.


Saturday, March 15th - 9pm - Junction Craft Brewing, Exclaim! and the Laquer Channel Present: The Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO w. Catl, Beams & Young Running - $Free!

I don't even know how we pulled this bill off - and it's free

A huge thanks to Junction Craft Brewing, Exclaim! and The Laquer Channel for working with us on this.  I'm not even sure how to begin to tell you folks what a great show this is.  I may even have to pinch myself once or twice as it goes down to make sure that this is real, and is really happening.

Welcome to the Big Free Show in the #JunctionTO.  Come early, stay late, get exposed to some brilliant music.


After a hiatus, the rockin’ rhythm ‘n’ blues group known as catl. are re-emerging with a newly configured line-up. Real-life couple Jamie Fleming (catl) and Sarah Kirkpatrick have decided to continue their musical journey as a duo with Kirkpatrick playing drums. The result is a sexy, raw, primordial rock and roll experience. All stripped down but just as energetic and fun. You can expect exciting re-workings of your favourite catl. songs as well as some brand new jams.


  Beams, is a brilliant band from Toronto that effortlessly manages to remain both a country band, while exploring the more atmospheric and artistic musical realms usually reserved for bands such as the Great Lake Swimmers, early period Wilco and Low.

Young Running

Conjoining the complimentary genres of indie, folk and roots Young Running creates a unique aural drive that is as captivating as it is distinct.

Simplicity and sincerity are dying in modern music. Where many artists feel that the concept of roots-based music focuses on the rudimentary aspects of a song's musical foundation, in the eyes of Toronto-based quartet Young Running, there is a lot more to tend to than just churning up some instrumental soil.


Friday, March 21st - 9pm - Stonehammer Brewing Presents: Trucker Fridays w. The Honeyrunners & The Almighty Rhombus plus DJ Nova - $Free!

Trucker Fridays - Brought to you by Stonehammer Brewing

Head southwest on the 401, with the truckers, the kickers and the cowboy angels, and you'll find F&M Brewery, makers of the delicious Stonehammer Fire-Brewed beer.  Fittingly we're teaming up with them, and local hero DJ Nova to bring you some of the best whiskey soaked tunes, with a kickin' all vinyl dance party to finish off the night.  Best of all, thanks to the good folks at Stonehammer, it's a free show, so you've pretty much got your third fridays of each month booked from here on out.

This edition features two great bands that I've been dying to bring into 3030.  Let's check it out.

The Honeyrunners

I was finally able to catch this band at the Horseshoe, when they oppened for Soul Legend Gino Washington.  Unfortunately for folks who were not at that show, NOW wrote one of the least accurate and mean-spirited reviews I've read in some time, and having been at that show myself, I'm genuinely curious if their writer was at the same show I was, because I thought that the Honeyrunners absolutely killed it.  Maybe I'm just not cool, but I think after you hear these guys, you'll be taking my side.

The Honeyrunners are a consequence of music alchemy, fusing modern indie rock with the soul of motown, the punch of 90's alt-radio, and lyrical folk of the 60's. The band name origin? It's dark; you'll have to ask them at a show or read Keith Richard's autobiography. The Honeyrunners' debut single, Jet Set, featured in a prominent Bacardi campaign last Spring, followed by anthemic My Garage, adopted by Coca-Cola's music project, 52 Songs of Happiness. In short, these guys don't sleep much. Their first year (2013) saw an East-Coast Canada tour, an EP released by major distributor Fontana North, a live performance on CTV Canada AM, a Frosh Week University tour of Ontario & Quebec, various Canadian music festivals, radio play (including CBC), and 85+ shows to earn their keep. With upcoming release of a live six-song YouTube series, The Rough & Tumble Sessions (filmed at Steam Whistle Brewery), and a brand new EP on the way, 2014 looks to up the ante for The Honeyrunners.

The Almighty Rhombus

"They sound like all the good parts of early Modest Mouse" - The Honeyrunners


Sunday, February 23rd - 5pm - Screening: Cool Runnings - $Free!

Watch the incredible story of the Jamaican Bobsled Team (on a pretty big screen!)


Cool Runnings is a 1993 American sports film directed by Jon Turteltaub, and starring Leon, Doug E. Doug, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba and John Candy.

The film was released in the United States on October 1, 1993. It is loosely based on the true story of the Jamaica national bobsled team's debut in the bobsled competition of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The film received positive reviews, and the film's soundtrack also became popular, with the reggae single "I Can See Clearly Now" by Jimmy Cliff reaching the top 40 in nations such as Canada, France, and the UK.