In the studio and on the stage, the nine-member band’s creations run the gamut from uproarious electro-synth pop anthems to tender acoustic ballads—giving a chipper nod to every genre in between. Incisive lyrics contrast with layered harmonies, catchy backbeats and whimsical sound effects in an exploration of the existential questions "What happened?", "What’s wrong?" and "What next?". Past albums include Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe (2013, a special original soundtrack to Stuart McLean’s book of the same title) and For Those Who Hate Human Interaction (2010, voted Best Album of the Year by the Ottawa Citizen).  Released this year, their double disc album Love Question Mark extended their quest to answer "What is love?"

A ticket to see The PepTides is an invitation to partake in a lavish pre-apocalyptic fête. The energetic troop brings audiences an eclectic spectacle complete with set pieces, time-warped costumes and infectious dancing. Bringing dark themes and 21st-century social commentary squarely into the pop realm, The PepTides serve their pointed offering in an irresistible package of silk, soul, fedoras and funk. MuchMore Music’s take on The PepTides says it all: “Mixing their stunning vocals with funk beats underneath a soulful sound, an abundance of theatrical dance moves and kitschy quirks, they defy any genre or description. One must simply see them to believe them.”