This is not a Hip Hop night!


An art-country indie folk rock band from Toronto, Canada featuring singer/songwriter Anna Mernieks on banjo, Heather Mazhar on backing vocals, David Hamilton on mandolin, Keith Hamilton on singing saw and backing vocals, Martin Crawford on lap steel and guitar, Craig Moffatt on bass, and Mike Duffield on drums.


Big Otter Creek:

BIG OTTER CREEK (BOC) may best be described as a non-traditional country rock band. Their polished originals incorporate Rock, Country and Alternative Country undertones as well as some strong Folk and Blues elements and well-placed vocal harmonies. Their music is recognizable, pleasing and fun.

BOC began to take shape as early as 2007, when several members serendipitously met and played at an established Toronto "watering hole". The local bar, pub and patio gig is the band's comfort zone, but that is about to change with the recent release of their first EP entitled "The Orange Takes". 

The Band consists of four members: Daniel Gagnon (vocals, guitar, harmonica) from Tillsonburg Ontario; John Bridgens (vocals, guitar) from New Zealand; Jake Saenz (bass, guitar, vocals) from USA; and, Frank Locicero (Drums) from Barrie Ontario. 

The Band has been influenced by a number of musical entities, including, but not limited to, Blue Rodeo, The Hip, CCR, Eagles, CSNY, Wilco and Uncle Tupelo.