EarthBound Trio:

Earthbound Trio, at first glance, resembles a traditional acoustic trio, but these three talented musicians blend elements of folk, funk, reggae, and rock with clever effects and engineering to create a wave of sound you would never expect from the acoustic instruments on stage. Building layer by layer, you’ll find yourself engulfed in a sound scape of grooving melodies with soulful, intriguing lyrics. Lend them your ears, your feet, and your mind, and they'll take you on a musical journey that will resonate in your thoughts and fill you with energy.

Tasman Jude:

The Canadian Reggae Infiltration has begun…

When Al Peterson & Caleb “BraveHart” Hart decided on a whim to climb onto the stage together in January 2013 they could not have predicted what the years ahead held. After only 3 improvised songs, they were surrounded by a crowd of people asking where their music could be found, and so a band (now including Adam Paananen and Derek Wilder) was formed!