Common Deer:

Common Deer came together in the fall of 2013 to begin crafting musical performances that would resonate. The band has deep familial ties, having two sets of siblings in the troop of five, and utilizes the deep bonds they have with each other to compose music that invites audiences to feel at one with the group.

Inspired by the integration of classical string instruments into modern riffs, the band formed around Adam's mastery of classical cello and Graham’s violin, leveraging strings as the springboard for their self dubbed Cinematic Alt Folk. As the band evolves, their focus is to continue turning strings of songs into an engaging performance of strings.

All aspects of the band's music derive from a central focus on classical strings, merging old European composition with the western frontier folk story. Common Deer, while a pun within itself, is a rarity, while still happily covering your favourite pop-folk songs at live shows.


Young Running:

As an artist or musician, the place where you live – its sights, sounds, people and events – can inform the work that you create and share with a wider world.

Such is the case with the latest album by Young Running. “Small Town City” is the third release from the roots-infused Toronto-based quartet, and is very much informed by not only the band members own personal journey’s from small towns to the big city, but also by the homey vibrancy of the Toronto neighbourhood in which they now live – The Junction.

The result is music that has clarity, accessibility and honesty, but also emotional depth and complexity.