Aaron Berger & The Blue Stars - Freedom Rock meets Cosmic Pop

"Singer Songwriter Aaron Berger is best described as having the same stylistic qualities of songwriter giants Bob Dylan , Neil Young & Gordon Lightfoot. He is prolific with his approach to words & music and leaves stunning images while listening to his songs. His songs and vocal performance are captivating and will embrace you the same way that Jim Croce , Cat Stevens and James Taylor songs did when they first came on the scene in the early 1970's. Aaron is a modern day troubadour with a tremendous amount of dignity"

Rick Rose - Sony Music Staff Writer

Whitney Pea

Whitney is no stranger to the stage. With nearly 10 years of writing and performing music, she has arrived at a place of compelling self expression. Her sound is playful and original with lyrics that often illustrate the connection between the human heart and nature. When combined with a powerful rhythm section and beautiful baking vocals, her music transcends the singer-songwriter feel and enters into the full band dynamic with each player offering something unique.


A group of like minded musicians from the niagara area came together to create "mood music" for a series of art installations,,, but ended up writing pop songs instead.