Elcee The Artist:

LaShawn Powell, artistically known as Elcee (Pronounced as the initials L.C.) originally from Halifax, Canada, has since moved to Toronto, Canada where he has been exposed to a whole new scene of like-minded indie-music artists and continues to soak up all that the city has to offer. Affiliated with the Virginia Beach based collective JetPacks and working under the management of Andvillian, Elcee is preparing to break out and gain recognition on an international level. Initially, writing lyrics was a coping mechanism when dealing with stress, but as Elcee began to record songs, he realized that it connected with him much differently. Creating music helped Elcee find himself through the dynamic coming-of-age journey he has experienced thus far. His latest--very fresh--studio album, "LeoSoul" is a testament to that journey which he looks to share with as many ears as possible. As an individual, Elcee continues to grow through life's ups & downs and shares this collective journey with those willing to listen.

DJ Big Jacks:

It’s the mentality to dig deeper than just what the surface offers that Big Jacks carries with him as an outlook on life. While his humble beginnings were as a hip hop DJ using his lunch money to buy the newest albums, today no genre is overlooked when he creates his musical landscape. Everyday brings a new opportunity to learn and expand on his craft. It’s because of this that he has been able to rise and become one of the premier DJs in his city and abroad to create that perfect vibe. Whether it is getting the dance floor going or simply providing an atmospheric backdrop and soundtrack Big Jacks can tailor the sound to compliment any mood.

Everything Big Jacks achieves and every hurdle that he overcomes is because he has stuck by doing what he loves to do. You can go to the finest schools and learn all the technical aspects you want but passion is something you cannot teach it’s something you must have within you. That natural passion is exactly what Big Jacks has for music and life and why he continues to grow and become much more than just the average DJ.

pHeonix Pagliacci

pHoenix Pagliacci is a 24 year old Toronto, Canada native who has been singing/song-writing since the age of 6. Her debut album, entitled “Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 1: Holla At A Schola” is her presentation of the 3 axles upon which her life rests: Books, being her continued learning efforts, Bucks, which is her source of income, and Beats, which is and always will be her music.


Since early 2014 Peja Popovic (Jape) has performed regularly, including two big shows at The Rivoli, which were organized and hosted by Jape and his management collective, Stay Out Late. Both of these shows sold out. Over the course of the year, he has hosted club events and orchestrated fundraising events for both Unity Charity and Toronto’s Remix Project. Additionally, Jape has been invited to sit down for interviews with Backroad Radio (CHRY 105.5 FM), Royalty Radio (CFRE 91.9 FM) and The Mix (CKCU 93.1 FM), which have helped to expand his fan base and engage with the college and university demographic.

Yours Truly, T.Y. 

 A movement based on pure love for the culture and the people is something is seldom seen and it's only a matter of time before Hamilton’s own T.Y (Trae Yunge) brands that movement on a much broader scale. "K.I.N.G.S. is the crew, and the love is the movement." His music speaks for itself. 500 Autumn Nights: Side A & B being well received, a growing artist always strives to give his fans the best he can. Taking that in mind, T.Y. has been slowly crafting a new body of work, all while showing the growth over such a short time. A weekly release showing the consistency, in the midst of performing at shows such as ManifesTO Festival, Frosh Festival and international events like A3C. With influences of a broad range of music, his sound comes across as none other, the soul in his voice. His passion for music shows in the way he portrays himself, you only need to listen once to see that through his lyrics. Modest, it doesn't take long to notice T.Y. is one for the people. With all eyes watching, T.Y. reps for the 90's kids being born in 1991. Ready to lead a new generation.  

Life and Wisdom - Official Sponsor

Life and wisdom is a clothing brand that was formed out of the growing street wear scene in Toronto in 2008. Originally birthed in Scarborough, a small collective of individuals formed together to visually express their upbringing and influences as city youths reflecting their society through their garments.