Soulful above anything else.” That is what Leo Love would consider his modus operandi if asked. Because he does not exclusively dwell in one genre of music.

“I can get into anything that has a good soul to it. Wether it be House, NuJazz, Hip Hop or Jazz.”

Having spent the last 16 years honing his craft at many Toronto night spots. Leo has developed a stylish approach to sets which he rarely of ever pre plans. His childhood love for Jazz is what leads to this improvisational approach to playing live.

Cantina Jazz and The Revolution. These are the names of his current series of mix sets that make up his popular podcast on Podomatic, The Beat Bodega. With an audience as eclectic as his sets his music has found a global audience in recent years. As a regular fixture in the Toronto deep house Leo Love has always been a passionate advocate for the support and promotion of local djs. “The level of talented locals DJs in Toronto is quite remarkable, if you look in the right places.”