The Boo Radley Project:

The Boo Radley Project was founded in February 2011 on a mutual obsession for the literary character, Boo Radley. The 5 piece, Elora/Guelph based band fuses jazz, funk, and alternative music with a quirky and dynamic stage presence. Their live shows are an energetic, multimedia production featuring homemade projections and colourful lights. They’ve toured across Southern Ontario and the East Coast. The band staged a 36 kilometer walking concert for Hawaii’s dolphins and has played on festival stages at Hillside and Riverfest Elora. The band is currently in the process recording and mixing its first full length LP. The album is set to be released in early summer 2015.

Young Running:

Where many artists feel that the concept of roots-based music focuses on the rudimentary aspects of a song's musicalfoundation, in the eyes of Toronto-based quartet Young Running, there is a lot more to tend to than just churning up some instrumental soil. We create simple tunes with honest words.”

“I'd call our music clean and accessible; music grown from Northern Ontario soil"