The Spandettes are powerful and exciting vocal trio supported by a fiercely energetic 7 piece band. Their original music combines a classic 70’s soul-boogie approach with a fresh contemporary perspective drawing inspiration from disco, funk, dance pop, reggae, jazz and soul. Their songs come to life with 3-piece horn arrangements, and unique vocal harmonies crafted by the leading ladies of the band, Alex Tait, Maggie Hopkins, and Lizzy Clarke. This is not your typical girl group! These three unique front-women not only lead the band vocally, they also run the business end and compose most of the music. 

Their much anticipated sophomore album, Sequin Sunrise, was produced by Canadian heavyweight, Justin Abedin and is slated for world-wide release in March of 2016. The album unfolds like a musical escape, weaving seamlessly from hard-hitting nufunk grooves to more classic soul and disco sounds, to tropical island vibes, never missing a beat. Each song takes its own path, transporting the listener to a place where it’s always summer and the sequins are plentiful. 

Sequin Sunrise was released in Japan in August 2015 on their Japanese label P-Vine, Inc. records to rave reviews and instant fan loyalty. Their debut Japanese single, “Love Me Leave Me” charted in the top 40 all over the Japan and reached #1 on FM Northwave in Sapporo and #10 on the legendary J Wave Tokio Hot 100. The album will be released world-wide in the fall of 2015.

The band's debut release, Spandex Effect, was released world-wide in 2013 with great success. The first and only vinyl pressing of Spandex Effect sold out quickly and is now a coveted collector’s item online, selling for up to five times the original price in auction. Their debut single “Sweet & Saccharine” charted in Tokyo, reaching #11 on the J Wave Tokio Hot 100 list. CBC’s Errol Nazareth called Spandex Effect “… Energetic, Playful, Danceable and Topped With Three-Part Harmonies.... it’s is a Great Soundtrack to Summer”. Spandex Effect received substantial radio play in Japan, the U.K., Australia, and South America.

The Spandettes have been performing acclaimed live shows since 2008 and have continued to pack the dance floor in many of Toronto’s great live music venues such as The Harbourfront Westjet Stage, The El Mocambo, Wrongbar, The Supermarket, The Gladstone Hotel, and the Toronto International Jazz Festival. They recently completed their first tour in Japan where they played at the legendary Billboard Live venue in Tokyo in the fall of 2015. In a musical landscape where trends come and go like the wind, the timeless sound of The Spandettes truly stands out among the rest.