Common Deer:

Common Deer came together in the spring of 2014 to begin crafting musical performances that would resonate. The band has deep familial ties, having two sets of siblings in the troop of five, and utilizes the deep bonds they have with each other to compose music that invites audiences to feel at one with the group.

Inspired by the integration of classical string instruments into modern riffs, the band formed around Adam’s mastery of classical cello and Graham’s violin, leveraging strings as the springboard for their self-dubbed Orchestral Indie. As the band evolves, their focus is to continue turning strings of songs into an engaging performance of strings.

Graham McLaughlin – Lead Vocals, Violin, Guitar
Sheila Hart-Owens – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Adam Hart-Owens – Cello, Guitar, Vocals
Connor Farrell – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Liam Farrell – Percussion, Vocals

Whale Eye:

Fueled by impetuous lust for understanding, Whale Eye tells the tale of a journey gone awry & the challenges a man faces in the quest for ultimate happiness.
Dylan Turner embarks on this adventure - only pausing to mark his progress. His trials are honest without giving too much away, delving deep into the innermost feelings of loss, self-reflection, & above all... turmoil. 
The debut EP, "The Good Die Young" delivers a locomotive of driving percussive force, crisp acoustic guitars, & melodies that seem to reappear in your head even days after listening. Supported by singing harmonicas, lulling horns, & a pinch of emotional rock and roll - the sound is aggressive, with a certain sensitivity to it. The tracks have a boastful folky demeanour that is backboned by the true essence of a seasoned singer-songwriter. 
Moody, earthy, & at the same time discerning. Whale Eye is the pinnacle balance of true, genuine folk music & simply put, great, catchy tunes.

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