Chelsea and the Cityscape is the six piece pop band formed in Toronto, ON led by saxophonist and composer Chelsea McBride. Chelsea and the Cityscape was started in 2011 as a way for McBride to express the moods she felt moving away to school in a big city as a bright-eyed millennial musician. Since then, Chelsea and the Cityscape has played shows at the Tranzac and the TD Toronto Jazz Festival.

Though Chelsea’s training as a jazz player and composer come through, Cityscape is the brainchild of Chelsea’s wider musical influence from rock, pop and folk music. The genre-spanning influence is heard in distinct compositions that offer complex harmony and accessible melodies. Chelsea and the Cityscape features vocals by Mara Nesrallah, along with Kevin Stolz on keyboards, Paul Barton on guitar, Dan Minchom on bass and Jordan Zagerman on drums.

Chelsea and the Cityscape released their self-titled debut EP in 2012, and their second EP Reinvent was released in 2014. Both albums can also be heard on Bandcamp or purchased on iTunes.

You can find Chelsea and the Cityscape on Facebook, and at #cityscape wherever hashtags are used.      

Saishubi is a band of six Toronto boys making music for the sake of music, art and the world around us. In these times, it’s easy to forget why music is important to the world, but Saishubi aims to answer that question in their own way. The band has had a great year, opening for the Commodores last summer and recording with iconic engineer/producer Al Schmitt, and releasing their first EP in January. Known for their high-energy live performances, the band is an invigorating experience that only wants to excite people and open their minds!