Vision Travel and Quark Expeditions have teamed up to give you a fun night of Polar travel information and live music at 3030, in Toronto on Tuesday, September 26th! You’ll learn from the experts that you too can experience a polar expedition to many places like the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Spitsbergen or Antarctica. Like music, expedition travel comes in many styles.

Toronto singer Cara Matthew will provide entertainment for the evening and share songs she performed on some of her Quark polar expeditions. You'll find outand hear what song Matthew even sang on the North Pole - 90 degrees north!

To create an even more magical night, Morgan Childs will be on drums, Brendan Davis will be on bass and Jeff McLeod will be on piano.

Kevin Lichty, from Vision Travel, along with a team of Quark polar experts who have all been to many areas of the polar regions, will be on hand to answer your questions about the variety of Polar expedition trips available.

You may leave the evening moved by the music and jazzed up with the idea of experiencing a polar expedition yourself.

Space is limited. Please register today!