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Nhapitapi is an ensemble of musicians, singers & dancers specializing in music & dance traditions of Zimbabwe. Ancestral rhythms blend with modern sounds of Afro-jazz, funk, rock & reggae.

Nhapitapi music is centred around Mbira, an instrument that has been played in Zimbabwe for hundreds of years. Its dissonant bell-like sound is played in cascading rhythmic patterns for uplifting performances and secular occasions, as well as for ceremony and ritual.

Nhapitapi's performances open with mbira and marimba with vocals, shakers, hand drum, guitar, bass and drums producing playful and complex layers of auditory enchantment. We are supported live by percussionists, horns and keyboards.

Once audiences have fully surrendered to this soaring soundscape, a deft duo of dancers hits the floor with unparalleled vigor & bold flirtation, drawing onlookers in to join the outburst of cathartic joy. You too will feel the breath of the lion on your neck. 

We invite you with open hearts and arms to join us in song and dance as we celebrate the release of our first album Tawuya ("We have arrived").

Nhapitapi has made it our mission to fill this album with all the love, energy and inspiration our audience and fans have given us. This is as much a gift to you as it is a labour of love for us.

Doors open at 7PM and show starts at 8PM.

-          $20 with complimentary CD,

-          $15 no CD