On July 24th, 2018 the graduating class of Metalworks Institute are holding a fundraiser event at 3030 Dundas St. West in Toronto, Ontario to raise money for the organization Make Music Matter.

The event will consist of original songs written by students from all over the world who come from various musical backgrounds. Our goal is to unite together and display how we have developed in our respective craft, while most importantly putting an emphasis on community and supporting an organization that resonates with our core values.

The organization that we have chosen to support, Make Music Matters, is an organization that uses music as a therapeutic tool to empower marginalized communities and individuals. They work with musicians and aid those in war torn and marginalized communities via Music Enrichment programs; Most notably their Rwanda project, that used music as a tool to promote positive health messages, and to alleviate stigma around HIV/Aids. This program most recently evolved into the Healing In Harmony program that helps victims of sexual violence and trauma write, record and professionally produce songs that aid in their healing process.

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