Dirty Rick:

Dirty Rick is grimy, sweaty, boozy, and coming to a dive bar near you! Toronto’s next hottest blues-rock band will make you sing until your lungs give out, unless your liver gives out first. The band has recently released their Post-Candid EP on all major streaming platforms, and have become a growing presence in the local Toronto scene.

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Sarah Ellen Morrison:

Sarah Ellen Morrison is a sultry and soulful artist based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. With influences of soul, R&B and indie rock, Sarah and her bandmates create funky and fervent songs packed with attitude while keeping things fresh, fun, and just a touch flirty. Their songs are sure to get stuck in the back of your head, but they promise you won't mind.

sarahellenmorrison (instagram)


Gocho is a Scarborough DJ, host of his own podcast (@gochosessions), and community worker. Currently in his 5th year in music, Gocho hopes to build strength and confidence within all communities around the GTA and beyond.

mqhawax_gocho (Instagram & Soundcloud)

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N/A Cappella:

N/A Cappella is an eclectic instrumental collective from Toronto, Ontario. They are constantly exploring new territory with a rotating door of instrumentation and song structure. From joyous pop ballads to heavy death marches, the band thrives on the strokes of inspiration that come from jamming together over the years. N/A Cappella aim to take you an adventure with every performance.

nacaband (Instagram)

na-cappella (Soundcloud)